Fundraising . . .

Paint for Profit!
Make it a special night at Color Me Mine!
Schedule a night at Color Me Mine for supporters of your organization to paint. You will hand out cards to family, friends and co-workers interested in helping. On your designated evening, everyone who brings a card from your organization, in cooporation with Color Me Mine will contribute 30% of the pottery charge to your group! Color Me Mine will write a check to your group! It is a great way to get people together for a fun time!
Come schedule your event today!

You can go miles with our tiles!
Painting and building a tile wall is a creative and unique way to raise money for your organization. What could spark a person's imagination more than knowing that what they are creating will last a lifetime!
First, you would need to decide where you would like to place this masterpiece. Then, with our help, and a little math, we can decide what size tiles to use and how many we might need. We sell the tiles to you and you charge interested parties who want to paint the tile a little more than your cost. You host a painting party for the tiles. It would be up to you if you would like a staff member from Color Me Mine to assist. When the tiles are painted, you bring them to us for glazing and firing. We will get them back to you in two weeks.
You will then mount them on your wall and watch the oooohs and ahs! It is well worth the time and effort, and the fun!

Gift Card Sales
Your group or organization sells $25.00 gift cards to friends, family and co-workers. You earn $5 for each card sold!
How does it work?
You simply buy $25 gift cards from Color Me Mine for $20.00 and earn $5.00 for each card!
What could be easier?!
Minimum 20 card purchase from Color Me Mine.
The Holidays are a great time for this fundraiser!

Auctions are an option!
Have your teachers, students, principals, parents, friends...everyone come in and paint. They donate their item to your organization to be auctioned off!
Great to add to the May Fair or any event with any kind of auction.
It's great fun for everyone to see all the talent that is out there!

Become a Permanent Part of Color Me Mine by adding to the Jill Whiting Memorial Tile Wall
In support of the Jill Whiting Musical Scholarship Fund we are inviting you to become a permanent part of Color Me Mine by painting a tile to add to our Jill Whiting memorial tile wall. You didn't need to know Jill to know you share the same love of art that she did for this store. She wanted to create a place where friends and families could come and share a fun experience you couldn't get anywhere else. Tiles are $15 and decorate them to express your love for painting. Help our wall grow and you will remain a part of Color Me Mine, always. All proceeds benefit the Jill Whiting Musical Scholarship Fund which helps a Central Dauphin graduate pursuing a career in music. Stop by our studio today to check them out for yourself!

Jill B Whiting Scholarship Fund Raiser
Celebrate Jill's passion for painting and owning this studio, short lived as it was, buy painting a tile for the tile wall. Become a permanent part of Color Me Mine. All proceeds go the the Jill B. Whiting Scholarship Fund which help a Central Dauphin Music student enrich their talent.
Tiles are $15,all inclusive.

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