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What's going on at Color Me Mine of Harrisburg???
Every month we strive to bring you new and exciting events and promotions to keep you and your family in the Art of having fun!

We have kid's programs, classes for adult, we get you involved with your community and your school and always encourage you to find a good time where you may least expect it.

We have a friendly staff to help our more artistically challenged and will make you feel like a professional by the end!

Some promotions require a reservations, but you are always welcome to walk in and paint. No reservation needed for fun!

Calling all Mom's, bring in the kids to to create this special gift for Dad this Father's Day. May 1- June 13 we are offering this 12" platter for $45 including studio fees for all painters! Dad will be so proud to bring in the burgers this summer! No appointment needed, stop in anytime and a friendly staff member will help you make this memory.

Jill B. Whiting Memorial tile Wall
Paint a 6" tile for our tile wall and become a permanent part of Color Me Mine. Tiles are $15 and all proceeds will go to the Jill B. Whiting Scholarship fund that helps a graduating CD Music student.

Monday's in May Sensory Days
Help support LIFE'S GREATEST GIFTS INC. It is a start up school for children with special needs. Please contact
Emily Sieber at
For flyers to bring to the studio on Monday's to help fund raise for for such a great cause.
Emily can also give you all the information on the school as well.
Monday's are relatively calm day to bring your child with special needs to have a calm quiet environment to paint in.

We provide the lines, you provide the color! Our first project is a mason jar spoon rest. You can put any saying you like in the center area. The color choice is yours. What a great way not to have to worry about how to decorate it. Just like a coloring book don't you think???

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